Harlequin’s Rebellion.
Old regimes and new subversions

In the wake of the current climate crisis, conceptions over recognising nature, or non-human entities as subjects with legal rights, are receiving large-scale public support across the globe. Nature’s rights advocates base their ideas on scientific findings as much as on indigenous knowledge, understanding nature – its flora fauna, and dynamic landscapes – as living entities. They argue that national justice systems have to become viable spaces through which non-human living subjects can seek protection. Following the amendments made to the Ecuadorian constitution in 2008 to integrate non-human claimants into judicial processes, this anthropological case study uses ethnographic methods to examine the practical application – debates and outcomes – of nature’s rights claims in a court of law.

Book and film by Martha-Cecilia Dietrich
Co-creators and interview partners: Carlos Zorrilla (DECOIN), Luis A. Coloma (Centro Jambatu), Andrea Teran (Centro Jambatu), Francisco Bustamante (Environmental Rights lawyer), Natalia Greene (International Rights of Nature Tribunal’s Secretariat)                                                       Forthcoming 2023